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What’s Different

No Sit-In-Coach in China

Sit-In-Coach in China is extremely different with that in American and European countries. The quality of service for most of the travel agencies is suspected due to the Tourist Shopping, which the guide and driver could have much commission from the things you buy. It is well-known in Beijing and other cities of China.

We do NOT offer any kinds of Sit-In-Coach service but Private Service instead. The cost will mainly support the salary of local guides. Public transportation i.e. Metro or Bus will be used as transfer means and we pass the savings to our travelers. 

No Tourist Shopping

All products from GoGoBeijing.com have a strict No Shopping Policy as this practice compromises the traveler experience and the integrity of the relationship between travelers and the guide.

Tourism in China is rooted strongly in the belief that travelers should be taken to tourist factory shops where they will drop lots of cash on overpriced goods. There is always a small workshop showing how goods such as Pearl, jade, silk or cloisonné are produced, followed by a warehouse-sized shop of expensive fixed price goods. The guide and the travel agency can of course get a large part of commission on how much tourists spend.

We understand your real desire of shopping when travel but you should go to the department stores or free markets where locals do shopping. Our signed local guides will be happy to show you the way.

Local guides

When it comes to your hometown, we bet you know the stories behind the hidden sights, all the best bars and the tastiest spot to grab a bite to eat. But when you travel, you’re suddenly the new person in town. That’s why it makes sense for a local to help show you around.

All of our guides are local people and full-salaried employee of the company. They are pleased to help you explore the cities in-depth.

Local transport

Your guide and you will travel and explore the city local way and use the local transport wherever possible, which puts you right in the centre of the action and lets you move around at a grassroots level.

Bicycle, Metro and Bus will be used in Beijing and Shanghai. But private car service will be provided at some other cities since the public transport system is a big mass…This is mainly for the destinations of GoGo by Train, which enables you explore much of real China in small and medium sized cities.

Local accommodation

You are welcomed to book the accommodations on your own. Our recommendations will only include those special things i.e. courtyard hotel or guest house in Beijing, Traditional Guesthouse in the ancient town Pingyao, or the Local resident in the water town of Wuzhen or Tongli….More over we only focus on the hotels located very centrally with convenient public transportations. It is on the same standard all of the country.

Local food

All of our quotations and programs will NOT include meals. Local guides will show you the list of Local snack food, Local specials or even western style food as you like. The breakfast will be included if your accommodations were reserved by us.

GoGo By Train

We offer some destinations of GoGo by Train, which enables you explore much of real China in small and medium sized cities. Thanks for the convenient system of China High-speeded Train we can design a lot of 2-3 days’ trips with the destinations of Xian, Datong, Pingyao, Shaolin Kungfu or even Shanghai and the surrounding cities with Suzhou, Water towns and Hang Zhou. Package services will be provided including Train tickets R/T, local guides, entrance fee and hotel accommodations (Optional).

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